[Week 3 February 2023] MEVerse Weekly Report

3 min readFeb 17


5. News & Updates
🔶 Introducing our new partner, HAECHI LABS

We are delighted to introduce our new partner, HAECHI LABS!

In the beginning, HAECHI LABS started as a blockchain security audit service. However, as it continues to expand its business areas, it now also provides digital asset wallet services and offers security audits and consignment services to companies.

Moreover, they officially partnered with Polygon, Solana, Binance, Near, Aptos, Avalanche, Klaytn, BORA & OASYS through its latest product Face Wallet, the first wallet provider to do so.

Face Wallet provides unparalleled convenience through an in-app, single sign-on SDK solution supporting social media account log-in, 6-digital PIN code signatures, and SMS OTP recovery in order to produce a frictionless onboarding process tailored toward both Web2 and Web 3 audiences.

Through the partnership with HAECHI LABS, MEVerse blockchain mainnet will be integrated into their blockchain services, which will help users conveniently approach our blockchain services. Since many companies are involved or interested in Web3-based services, we are excited to integrate our mainnet into HAECHI LABS’s services.

We will continue to try our best to provide a friendly environment for our users.

Thank you.

🔶 Free Web3.0 Game Platform MEVerse GameX is now live

Before the official global launch of MEVerse GameZ, we are thrilled to launch MEVerse GameX, a free web3.0 game platform.

MEVerse GameX allows you to play various social casual games for free, and will quickly add hyper-casual games soon.

Please stay tuned for the global launch of MEVerse GameZ soon where global users can play games with MEV!

Thank you.

MEVerse GameX


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